Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Sees Potential of Community Pharmacy

Published on: 27th September 2022 | Updated on: 8th November 2023


On Saturday 10 July, Jane Dodds MS for Mid & West Wales visited Boots Pharmacy in the centre of Carmarthen to hear from the staff about how they had dealt with the Covid pandemic, and to understand more about the way in which community pharmacy was changing. Commenting on the visit, Jane Dodds MS said:

“Community pharmacies play an incredibly important role in keeping people well and supporting GPs and other health professionals in our communities. I was particularly pleased to hear how the pharmacy works with the Live Fear Free helpline which provides support for people experiencing domestic abuse, showing the important role pharmacies play in our communities.”

Darren Fountain from Boots in Carmarthen said:

“It was good to have the opportunity to host new Senedd member Jane Dodds at Boots, Carmarthen.  We hope she was able to gain a deeper understanding of how new technology and new services are allowing the pharmacy to better focus on serving the community, alleviating the pressure on GP services, and we also explained how we help provide support for those suffering domestic abuse through the Live Fear Free initiative.”

A spokesperson for Community Pharmacy Wales said:

“Community pharmacy is changing rapidly and Jane appreciated what those changes might look like, especially the shared commitment across the whole community pharmacy sector and across all political parties to increase the number of independent prescribers. Within a decade we are committed to seeing one in every community pharmacy in Wales.”