Training Requirements for Flu Vaccination 23/24

Published on: 1st February 2022 | Updated on: 20th July 2023

    • Annual BLS Training (on a rolling 12 month basis). BLS Training can either be provided by a private provider or will be available through HEIW. The move to annual BLS is to bring community pharmacy in line with other healthcare professionals who are required to undertake annual BLS training.
There will be 2 components of the annual BLS training:
  • Online Training package
  • Face to face assessment

    • Annual BLS training as above
    • No requirement to attend any vaccinator refresher training
    • Experienced vaccinators will be required to complete the annual update either provided by their private provider (accredited by HEIW) or the Flu Two module provided by Public Health Wales and complete a self-declaration on competency
  • NEW OR RETURNING VACCINATORS (did not provide vaccinations in 2022/23):

    • Annual BLS training as above (BOTH online training and face to face assessment of BLS are required)
    • If wishing to provide a private and NHS service – access training through an accredited private provider (private provider can also provide the BLS component)
    • If wishing to only provide an NHS service – Complete the Flu Two model (new to vaccination option) and attend a face-to-face competency assessment provided by HEIW