Primary Care

Published on: 8th November 2022 | Updated on: 7th November 2023

Primary Care Strategy

The Strategic Programme for Primary Care is an All-Wales Health Board-led programme that works in collaboration with Welsh Government and responds to A Healthier Wales.

The Programme aims to bring together and develop all previous primary care strategies and reviews at an accelerated pace and scale, whilst addressing emerging priorities highlighted within A Healthier Wales.

To achieve success, the Programme looks to all health, social and wellbeing providers, Health Boards and other stakeholders to work collaboratively in sharing local initiatives, products and solutions that could add value to the delivery of primary care services on a ‘once for Wales basis’.

The programme is made up of the six streams

  1. Prevention and wellbeing
  2. 24/7 Model
  3. Data and digital technology
  4. Workforce and organisational development
  5. Communication and Engagement
  6. Transformation and the Vision for clusters

More information is available on the Primary care One website: Strategic Programme – Primary Care One

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