National Prescribing Indicators

Published on: 1st February 2022 | Updated on: 6th February 2024

National Prescribing Indicators for 2022-2023

National Prescribing Indicators (NPIs) are developed with the aim of promoting rational prescribing. The indicators are evidence-based and are designed to be clear, easily understood and allow health boards, primary care clusters, GP practices and prescribers to compare current prescribing practice against an agreed standard of quality.
For 2022-2023 the National Prescribing Indicators: Supporting Safe and Optimised Prescribing, contain four priority areas:

  • Analgesics (including opioid burden, tramadol and gabapentin and pregabalin)
  • Anticoagulants in atrial fibrillation
  • Antimicrobial stewardship (including total antibacterial items and 4C antimicrobials)
  • Decarbonisation of inhalers

The priority areas are also supported by additional indicators falling into the categories of safety and efficiency:

  • Safety
    • Prescribing Safety Indicators
    • Hypnotics and anxiolytics
    • Yellow Cards
  • Efficiencies
    • Best value biological medicines
    • Low value for prescribing

The National Prescribing Indicators document provides detailed background information and evidence to support the aims of each indicator, and is available here:
National Prescribing Indicators for 2022–2023

Latest National Prescribing Indicators Report

The National Prescribing Indicators 2023–2024: Analysis of Prescribing Data to September 2023 document has been prepared by the Welsh Analytical Prescribing Support Unit and can be accessed via the link below:

National Prescribing Indicators 2023–2024: Quarterly reports