Published on: 1st February 2022 | Updated on: 27th November 2023

PPE provision to Primary Care Contractors from 18 January 2021

New guidance has been issued on the use of PPE, including for vaccinations, during COVID-19.

  • Vaccination is considered to be a minimal contact procedure  – see the bottom of page 14 under the NB section where it says:
  • “NB. In some clinical outpatient settings, such as vaccination/injection clinics, where contact with individuals is minimal, the need for single use PPE items for each encounter, for example, gloves and aprons is not necessary. Gloves and aprons are recommended when there is (anticipated) exposure to blood/body fluids or non-intact skin. Staff administering vaccinations/injections must apply hand hygiene between patients and wear a sessional facemask.”

There are several FAQs on the PHW website and this is covered under Q3.

  • “The recommended PPE for use in community vaccination clinic settings is a sessional used fluid resistant surgical face mask with appropriate hand hygiene between individuals, and eye protection if risk assessed as necessary.”
  • There is no recommendation for vaccinators to wear aprons, visors or gloves, as vaccination is considered to be a low contact activity. However, it is important that vaccinators adhere to good hand hygiene practice, particular between patients.