Sioned Williams Sees the Modern Face of Community Pharmacy in Wales

Published on: 19th October 2022 | Updated on: 7th November 2023

On Monday 5th July, new Senedd Member for South Wales West Sioned Williams MS joined Community Pharmacy Wales in visiting the state of the art Vale of Neath Pharmacy in Glynneath.   Sioned Williams MS said:
“It was good to have the opportunity to visit  the new state of the art Vale of Neath Pharmacy in Glynneath and gain a deeper understanding of how new technology and new services are allowing the pharmacy to better focus on serving the community.  I was particularly glad to hear how the community pharmacy has played a crucial role in alleviating the pressure on GP services, and has also helped provide support for those suffering domestic abuse, showing how it plays a crucial part in our communities’ health and well-being network of services.”
Niki Watts of Vale of Neath Pharmacy said:

“The face of Community Pharmacy is changing and we’re proud to have been at the cutting edge of that change. Co-locating our service to the medical centre has meant an enhanced scope of joint working with the GPs locally. This approach has also been one which has characterised my work as the local pharmacy cluster lead.”

Russell Goodway, Chief Executive of Community Pharmacy Wales said:
“The vale of Neath Pharmacy is a modern, forward looking Community Pharmacy which has kept the emphasis on community as well as expanding its range of services. The use of a dispensing robot and the suite of consultation rooms are amongst the most forward looking and well utilised in the network in Wales. If this can be done in a small town like Glynneath, it can be achieved anywhere.”