Clinical Governance (CG)

Published on: 5th March 2024 | Updated on: 6th March 2024

The Clinical Governance Toolkit will also be moving to the Caforb platform this year. The submission date for the Clinical Governance Toolkit will remain as the 31st March 2024.

The parent and child relationships created for the IG Toolkit, are not applicable for the Clinical Governance Toolkit and therefore each individual pharmacy will be required to register for and complete the Clinical Governance Toolkit.

You must have completed your registration for the Information Governance Toolkit in order to register for the Clinical Governance Toolkit. Register for the IG Toolkit HERE.

Once you have registered for the IG Toolkit, you will be able to access the Clinical Governance Toolkit. Please see below for guidance.

How to access the CG Toolkit

For further support please contact

Welsh IG Toolkit Team

Iechyd a Gofal Digidol Cymru | Digital Health and Care Wales

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