Published on: 3rd January 2024 | Updated on: 3rd January 2024

We are pleased to confirm that the new Information Governance Toolkit and this year’s Clinical Governance Toolkit are now available for completion.


Information Governance Toolkit

As introduced at the Community Pharmacy Wales Contractor Events back in November, significant changes have been made to the IG Toolkit with Community Pharmacies onboarding onto the Welsh Information Governance Toolkit this year.


The Welsh Information Governance Toolkit is a self-assessment which sets out the expectations required of organisations and enables them to measure their compliance against legislation, national standards, and best practice guidance. The aim is to demonstrate that their information is processed securely and appropriately, access to systems secure, and assure other organisations where sharing is made that appropriate IG arrangements are in place.   The Welsh Information Governance Toolkit is the recognised IG assurance tool for NHS Wales.


As agreed by CPW, Welsh Government and the contracting Health Boards, Community Pharmacies have until 30th of June 2024 to submit the IG Toolkit. This extension has been agreed for 2023/24 only to support the transition over to the new IG Toolkit.


Question Set

The question set is broken down into two levels, “Minimum Expectations” and “Expectations Exceeded”.


Minimum Expectations sets out the minimum requirements which form the backbone of the organisation’s IG compliance, it includes questions which are either legal requirements or are set out within the Information Commissioner’s Office Accountability Framework. Additional questions have also been included to bring the Welsh IG Toolkit in line with NHS England’s Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT).


The IG Toolkit Team with the support of the DSPT Team are satisfied that the revised question set within the IG Toolkit represents equivalent assurance as completing the DSPT. This has now been formally agreed and therefore achieving the minimum expectations within the Welsh IG Toolkit is viewed as the equivalent assurance as achieving standards met within the DSPT. This is pivotal for the Welsh IG Toolkit and is particularly important to support ongoing projects and programmes, including the rollout of the NHS Wales Electronic Prescription Service (EPS), to enable access to the NHS Spine.


The expectations exceeded row group contains an additional question set which is available to organisations once the minimum expectations have been achieved for that assessment. Expectations exceeded allows organisations to demonstrate that they are working above the minimum in that topic area.


Pharmacy Groups

If you are part of a pharmacy group and have been confirmed as a “child” organisation, you will not be required to complete the IG Toolkit individually. Pharmacy Groups where the parent has been confirmed have been linked on the platform, as a result the “parent” organisation will complete the IG Toolkit on behalf of all the “children” within the Group.


Each individual pharmacy will still be required to complete the Clinical Governance Toolkit – please see section further below.


If you form part of a pharmacy group but are unsure of any agreed parent and child relationships, please get in touch with the Team, quoting your PPA code, via


Next Steps

You will be required to register an account on the new platform. This will need to be completed by the organisation administrator, this individual will act as the ‘superuser’ for the organisation. Within the registration process you will be asked to set your ‘organisation profile’ it is strongly recommended this is completed at this stage.


Once your account has been approved, you will receive an email advising you to set your password. Please be aware this may fall into your junk email inbox.

Please see the Registration Support for Community Pharmacies guidance document which details the steps required to register on the new platform.


In addition, a library of training videos, a comprehensive user guide, and FAQs are available to support you. This includes a full video from start to finish on how to complete your submission along with bitesize videos covering specific functionality, which are a couple of minutes long. It is strongly recommended that you either familiarise yourself with the User Guide or watch the training videos prior to accessing the IG Toolkit. These and other supporting resources along with an offline copy of the question set can be accessed via the IG Website.


Drop in sessions

The Team will be holding multiple drop-in sessions in the coming weeks following the release. The purpose of these sessions will be for users to drop in to ask any questions they may have regarding the new platform, question set, or access other support they may need from the Team. A full demonstration of the platform will also be given.


Each session will repeat the same demonstration and therefore there is no need to attend multiple unless you have additional questions for the Team. Please complete the booking form to register your interest to attend a session. Details of the upcoming planned sessions can be found below:

Tuesday 9th January: 2-3pm

Wednesday 17th January: 6-7pm

Tuesday 23rd January: 6-7pm

Wednesday 31st January: 12-1pm

Thursday 22nd February: 12-1pm


Tuesday 12th March: 6-7pm

Monday 15th April: 4-5pm


In the meantime, if you have any questions or queries you can email the Welsh IG Toolkit Team via where one of the team will be happy to assist.



Clinical Governance Toolkit

The Clinical Governance Toolkit will also be moving to the Caforb platform this year. The submission date for the Clinical Governance Toolkit will remain as the 31st March 2024.


The parent and child relationships created for the IG Toolkit, are not applicable for the Clinical Governance Toolkit and therefore each individual pharmacy will be required to register for and complete the Clinical Governance Toolkit.


There have been no significant changes made to the Clinical Governance Toolkit question set.


Please see the Registration Support for Community Pharmacies guidance document which details the steps required to register on the new platform.


Kind regards


Welsh IG Toolkit Team

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