Publication of CPPQ Feedback

Published on: 1st February 2022 | Updated on: 6th February 2023

Sharing the results from your Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire (CPPQ)
There are some important changes in the way that the results of your Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnaires (CPPQ) should be communicated.  Under the revised Clinical Governance arrangements contractors are required to share some of the results with both their LHB and their patients. 
Informing your LHB: The outputs from your CPPQs that are required by your LHB are now captured through the Clinical Governance On-Line Toolkit.  You have previously been advised that you are required to complete this toolkit before 31 March 2013.  When you have completed this assessment there will be no need to provide any further information on the results of your CPPQs to your LHB.  LHBs may however ask to see the analysis of your CPPQs as part of their monitoring visits.
Informing your patients:  To communicate the results of your CPPQ to the public you are required to publish some of the results.  The results that you need to publish are:-
1.       The dates between which the survey was undertaken.

2.       The number of survey responses received.

3.       A summary of the demographic data contained in questions 11,12 & 13.
And, following analysis of the results:
4.       Areas where the pharmacy is performing most strongly.
5.       Areas for improvement together with a description of the action that has been taken or is planned to address the issues raised.
This information is required to be published:
•        In the pharmacy as a leaflet or poster.
•        On the pharmacy’s website.
To support contractors in meeting these requirements you will find below a copy of a CPPQ worksheet which you may find helpful in supporting the analysis of your CPPQs, together with a template form that could be used to publish your results.