PRINCIPLE study in community pharmacy

Published on: 1st February 2022 | Updated on: 4th August 2023

The PRINCIPLE platform study is an UPH study to find treatments for COVID-19. It is now a UK wide study, and the only national priority platform trial in primary care. The study is designed to test a range of treatments in the community, with treatment arms that can be stopped, replaced or added easily, as evidence develops. PRINCIPLE is currently evaluating usual care alone versus usual care plus azithromycin; or usual care plus doxycycline. The study is being run by the University of Oxford and is funded by UK Research and Innovation and the Department for Health and Social Care through the National Institute for Health Research.

The study is being supported in Wales by Health and Care Research Wales and is now designed so that any eligible patient can self-refer regardless of where they live and whether their primary care provided has ‘signed up’ to participate in a traditional method. As a result, the study team are keen to promote and publicise the study through as many different routes as possible. A recently introduced option is the promotion of PRINCIPLE to patients via a leaflet included in and/or a sticker attached to medications being dispensed in community pharmacy.

Please find attached an electronic copy of the poster (English / Welsh) and the following link to the PRINCIPLE study website should you wish to find out more information about the study.

If this is something your pharmacy would be willing to support, please email with your contact details (name of pharmacy and address). The Primary Care Research team at Health and Care Research Wales will then collate responses and pass details onto the Oxford study team who can then supply promotional materials to you.

The study team are able to provide hard copies of the posters and stickers (look very similar to this poster but with a QR code as well) if pharmacies can provide roughly how many prescriptions they dispense per week. Health and Care Research Wales will collate details of interested pharmacies across Wales and pass this onto the study team to send materials out.

If interested pharmacies can provide the following information to

Pharmacy address
Rough numbers of prescriptions dispensed per week
How many English language posters
How many Welsh language posters