Mark Isherwood AM Visits Morrison’s Pharmacy

Published on: 19th October 2022 | Updated on: 19th October 2022

Mark Isherwood, Welsh Conservative Assembly Member for North Wales, visited Morrison’s pharmacy in Colwyn Bay on 19th July to see the expanding range of health services being offered there.

Commenting on the visit, Mark Isherwood said:
“In over sixteen years in the Assembly, I have seen the services offered by community pharmacies throughout North Wales transform and grow. Your local community pharmacy is an increasingly important and accessible way of accessing health services.

“I was particularly pleased to hear how Morrison’s was one of the pilot centres for the new Sore Throat Test and Treat service which has been a recent success in North Wales.

“I was particularly interested in how the Discharge Medicines Review service allowed for electronic discharge letters to be sent direct from hospitals supporting patient safety and reducing re-admission due to medication issues, and I will be pursuing this issue to make sure it happens uniformly across North Wales.”

Speaking for Community Pharmacy Wales, Judy Thomas said:
“It was great to have Mark Isherwood AM visiting a community pharmacy to discuss how services are evolving and growing to support patient needs. We had a detailed discussion on the changing pattern of community pharmacy services, including the common ailments service and sore throat test and treat pilot. “The results of this pilot in Betsi Cadwaladr showed an incredible return in terms of a reduced medicines budget, an improved diagnostic service and a patient satisfaction rate of 99 per cent.”

Betsi Cadwaladr had 1058 community pharmacy consultations for Sore Throat Test and Treat, resulting in just 14%people getting penicillin or a macrolide antibiotic. On the strength of the pilot phase, Betsi Cadwaladr has pledged to roll out the pilot across the whole of North Wales.