Interpretation And Translation Serivces (WITS)

Published on: 24th April 2023 | Updated on: 24th April 2023

Across Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board, our services, departments and wards make almost 500 bookings for interpretation and translation services per month from the Welsh Interpretation and Translation Service (WITS). We are making changes to ensure Interpretation Services are easy to access and that we provide a better experience for our patients, relatives and carers.

From December 1, a new Language Line app will be accessible from the desktop of BCU devices with support and relevant information on how to book and organise interpretation through our SharePoint page on BetsiNet.

The Health Board will no longer be supporting face-to-face interpretation services unless exceptional circumstances are presented. Senior Managers are asked to use their discretion when authorising face-to-face bookings for discussing sensitive or complex scenarios such as end of life care or safeguarding issues.   British Sign Language interpretation will be accessed remotely unless the patient requests a face to face appointment. Interpretation will now be organised through a video call via the app or over the phone. This ensures that we are able to provide translation services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with minimal delays to patient communication.

What to do –

  • Access the LanguageLine InSight app via the desktop on your device or this link (this can be found under corporate  systems within Betsinet favourites and the link to the authorisation codes is below).
  • Call LanguageLine on 02920 537555 to book a telephone interpretation during office hours 09:00 – 17:00 (please use the link below which will take you to the sharepoint page for the relevant codes required when making a booking)
  • If a request is made outside office hours please contact LanguageLine on their alternative telephone number 0800 169 2879 (approval will be required by a senior manager within the service or ward before accessing this service)

Further information can be found by using the link below:,-including-British-Sign-Language-(BSL).aspx

Authorisation codes will be required for virtual bookings and telephone interpretation services and can be found using the link below:

If you require any further support or assistance please contact