HMQ Case Studies

Published on: 1st February 2022 | Updated on: 3rd February 2023

HMQ Case Study Form

HMQ Case Study Form- Welsh

HMQ Photography and video consent form GDPR

HMQ Photography and video consent form GDPR- Welsh

Help Me Quit is changing the way we collate success stories from clients across all service providers. The new process will involve a member of the Help Me Quit Contact Centre team ‘interviewing’ clients about their quit journey over the phone following completion of an initial Case Study Form by the community pharmacist, hospital smoking cessation advisor or Stop Smoking Wales advisor (please see English and Welsh versions attached).

The Case Study Form should be completed with consent from the client for this information to be shared with the national Help Me Quit team. You will see from the form that there is an area for the staff member to make a decision about the quality of the story.

Following this there are two options for sharing success stories:

1) formally to be used via filming and/ radio
2) informally through a written testimonial for social media, newsletters and reports or direct onto the Help Me Quit Facebook page.

The form asks staff to capture key elements of the clients quit journey and once completed this form should be emailed to or

Once the form is received it will be  passed to the Help Me Quit Contact Centre where a member of the team will make contact with the client and explore the client’s quit story. The conversation will cover media consent, their smokefree journey from the initial referral and the quitting process in general. This conversation can take approximately 20-30 minutes.

We would welcome new case studies to assist us with the next stage of the Help Me Quit marketing campaign especially welsh speakers, pregnant women or quitters who would fall into routine and manual occupations.

Also above, you will find the new Help Me Quit media consent for GDPR. These are also in Welsh and English. The form should be completed when any picture or video is capture of Help Me Quit staff or clients that we then wish to use at a later date on social media, PR or reports etc.

Both these forms are available on the updated Help Me Quit Workforce Development Network website If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the team directly at