Submission of Prescriptions for Pricing

Published on: 1st February 2022 | Updated on: 12th March 2024

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Preparing Month End Guide

Good and Bad examples of Prescription Submission

Submission of prescriptions supplied under a Serious Shortages Protocol (SSP)

WP34C: New form for contractors to use for the submission of Prescriptions (starting with the submission of April 2019 prescriptions)

Contractors will be aware that as a requirement for the Quality & Safety Scheme 2019/20 that as of April 2019  they will need to declare on the WP34 for the relevant months the total number of days that the pharmacy was open (including part days) and the number of days on which the Common Ailment service were available (for the entire opening hours of that day) from the pharmacy in that relevant month.

A new WP34C has been created for this purpose and is available from the Shared Services website or the CPW website HERE.

Prescription Submission for Serious Shortage Protocol substitutions

Following an amendment to the Human Medicines Regulation which comes into force on 9th February, there will be a possibility that Serious Shortage Protocols could come into effect from this point onwards which will allow, under specific criteria for specific products, protocols with defined criteria for substitutions (CPE bulletin).

In the case where a substitution is made then please sort these prescriptions into Group 1A for submission to NWSSP Prescription Pricing.  These continue to follow the criteria for this group as they are not dispensed as originally prescribed.

Please ensure that for any substitution it is endorsed “NCSO” and with the following details if they are substituted or relevant to the particular protocol (i.e. all or one of the following may be required):

  • Drug Name
  • Brand Name/Manufacturer/Wholesaler
  • Pack size
  • Strength
  • Quantity
  • Price

It is also very important that the 2D barcode is not obscured.

For further general information on Serious Shortage Protocols please see CPE website

A step by step guide on the submission of prescriptions for pricing, together with a user guide can be found at: Community Pharmacy – NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership

Copies of submission forms and other documents can be accessed at Community Pharmacy Downloads – NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership

Lost Prescription Batch Process