On-line Payment Schedule

Published on: 1st February 2022 | Updated on: 11th November 2022

eSchedule allows contractors to monitor their payments for NHS dispensing and other contractual and commissioned services via a web-based tool that utilises the pharmacy’s NHS N3 connection.
It enables contractors to analyse details of reimbursement (the cost of the drugs, appliances etc which have been supplied against an NHS prescription form) and remuneration (what is paid as part of the dispensing contract e.g. professional fees etc.).
The log in to eSchedule and further information can be found at: On-line Payment Schedules (eSchedule) – NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership

The target date for eSchedule to be available for contractors to view is the payment date to contractors (i.e. same as the old paper schedule).

However, as eSchedule is created using live processing data it becomes available as soon as the prescription processing element is complete, so it is often available in advance for contractors to view.