Accuracy of Prescription Pricing Data

Published on: 1st February 2022 | Updated on: 27th September 2023

Primary Care Services (PCS)  process approximately 80 million prescription items per year, dispensed within a primary care setting in Wales. The processed data is used to pay dispensing contractors and to provide prescribing information to the Welsh Government, Health Boards and Public Health Wales to name just  a few. A statistically valid random sample of 60,000 of these prescription items is reprocessed on a monthly basis to estimate the accuracy of prescription processing.  The statistics on the accuracy of pricing can be found here:

Prescription Processing – Accuracy – NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership

CPE Audit of Prescription Pricing accuracy

CPE undertake a regular audit of the accuracy of prescription pricing on behalf of CPW and contractors and produce a report of their findings.  The latest copy of the report can be accessed here.