Essential Small Pharmacies

Published on: 1st February 2022 | Updated on: 4th March 2024

An Essential Small Pharmacy Scheme operates in Wales.   The scheme is different to the ESPS LPS scheme operated in England.  The details of the scheme are to be found in the England and Wales Drug Tariff
For 2016 the scheme applied where, in any one year

  • the pharmacy dispenses fewer than 35,160 prescriptions; and
  • that pharmacy is more than 1 kilometre by the nearest practicable route available to the public on foot from the next nearest pharmacy or is less than 1 kilometre but previously qualified as a special consideration case and the circumstances of the pharmacy remain unchanged; and
  • in the case of pharmacy which has, in the year immediately preceding that year, dispensed fewer than 6,000 prescriptions, the authority certifies in writing at the beginning of that year that the pharmacy is essential to the proper provision of pharmaceutical services.

(Note. No new special consideration cases will be entertained).

ESPS1 Application Form