Electronic Transmission of Claims

Published on: 1st February 2022 | Updated on: 20th September 2023

As stated in the Drug Tariff to receive the recurring connectivity payment of £200pcm contractors are required to have a system compliant with Phase 2 releases 1,2 and 3 (which includes the Electronic Transmission of Claims (ETC) service).

As of 1 April 2019 the Drug Tariff will also include the following requirements:

“From June 2019, compliance with phase 2, release 3 will be assessed against the percentage of ETC claim messages submitted for qualifying prescription items. Qualifying items are defined as those prescribed on a WP10 prescription containing a 2DRx barcode. In order to retain the IM&T allowance, each contractor must submit ETC claim messages to meet an 80% threshold.  This means that electronic messages must be transmitted for 80% of prescriptions that contain a 2DRx bar code.

Electronic Transmission of Claims (ETC) Transmission Threshold Targets

How do I know what my ETC transmission level is?

Information on ETC transmission rates for individual pharmacies can be found at https://nwssp.nhs.wales/ourservices/primary-care-services/our-services/pharmacy-services/electronic-transmission-of-claims/contractors/etc-transmission-rates/
The reports show a rolling three month period comparing the number of 2DRx paper prescriptions submitted against the corresponding ETC messages received. Please note that the latest month in each report will not show a percentage rate for transmissions. This due to the fact that the report is published during the period when paper submissions are still being received and scanned. It is included solely to report volumes of ETC transmissions for that month so that contractors may have an indication of their transmission levels. For example, the report covering February to April  is published in early May whilst April submissions are still arriving and being scanned.

How to I access further information on ETC?

A guide from Shared Services which provides the background information to the roll out of the ETC service is available here. In addition there is a Frequently Asked Questions section on the Shared Services website here.

Who do I contact if I have a problem?

If you are having problems with your ETC transmissions then it is important to recognise that the role of Shared Services is to receive the electronic ETC message from your PMR system, therefore if your query relates to how this message will be used in processing your dispensing account it should be referred to Primary Care Services at prescribing.management@wales.nhs.uk

If your query relates to the operation of ETC within your PMR then you should contact your systems supplier’s helpdesk as Primary Care Services will not be able to provide information on the operation of your PMS system. PMR Systems Supplier contact details are contained in the FAQs.

For additional support your CPW Associate Director is always available for advice; Aled.Roberts@cpwales.org.ukRhodri.Thomas@cpwales.org.uk and  Kayleigh.Williams@cpwales.org.uk. Contractors can also contact the CPW helpdesk on info@cpwales.org.uk.

What do I do if I have a genuine technological reason why I cannot meet the submission rate thresholds?

There may be a genuine technological reason why you cannot reach the submission rate thresholds.  If you believe this is the case then you should:-

  1. Firstly, seek a resolution through your systems supplier.
  2. If you are part of a group of pharmacies raise the issue with the owner or head office.
  3. If the issue remains unresolved the owner or head office can complete an ETC Transmission Rate: Issues Form.  The form can be accessed at:-