Press Releases

Published on: 27th June 2022 | Updated on: 20th December 2023

11/01/2022 Reducing dispensing volume will be beneficial to both patients and practice  Download
11/01/2022 Pharmacies welcome additional funding to ensure improved access to primary care services this winter Download
16/12/2021 Community Pharmacy Wales welcomes the new contractual framework to offer an extended range of services Download
16/12/2021 Mae Fferylliaeth Gymunedol Cymru yn croesawu’r fframwaith cytundebol newydd i gynnig ystod estynedig o wasanaethau Download
30/06/2021 Infographic demonstrates growth in Independent Prescribing in Wales Download
22/03/2021 Stunning success in delivering flu vaccine demonstrates community pharmacist capacity to deliver Covid-19 vaccines Download
22/03/2021 Mae’r llwyddiant syfrdanol wrth ddarparu brechlyn ffliw yn dangos gallu fferyllydd cymunedol i ddarparu brechlynnau Covid-19 Download
16/03/2021 Community Pharmacy Wales welcomes £3.5m additional funding from Welsh Government Download
16/03/2021 Fferylliaeth Gymunedol Cymru yn croesawu y cyllid ychwanegol o £3.5m gan Lywodraeth Cymru Download