ABUHB Local Additional Clinical Service (LACS)

Published on: 6th November 2023 | Updated on: 27th November 2023

The services listed below are locally commissioned by ABUHB from some pharmacies. For any service provided, pharmacies must satisfy the commissioning requirements for that particular service. Anyone not commissioned for a service but who would like to explore the option of providing it should contact the ABUHB Pharmacy Team or email info@cpwales.org.uk

Directly Observed Therapy Service 2021-24 – TB Treatment Supply

In Hours Essential List Palliative Care Service

In Hours Palliative Care Service

Medicine Administration Record Chart Service 2021-2024

Medicine Administration – PivoTell® Service 2021-2024

Needle Exchange

On Demand Drug Service

Palliative Care OOH Service

Sunday Evening Rota

Supply of Medicines for the Prophylaxis of Influenza

Waste Reduction Service 2021-2024