Discharge Medicines Review (DMR)

Published on: 1st February 2022 | Updated on: 20th February 2024

The Discharge Medicine Review (DMR) Service - A Welsh Community Pharmacy Service

The Discharge Medicines Review (DMR) Service is a service that supports a patient’s journey from one care setting to another.

Accreditation for the DMR service from October 2020

Pharmacists providing the Discharge Medicines Review service are required to have an MUR certificate as set out in directions 5(5)(a) to (c) and 6(1)(a)(i) of the principle directions.  Direction 2 defines MUR certificate as a statement of satisfactory performance being evidence that a person has satisfactorily completed an assessment relating to the competency framework for chemists providing the MUR service.  Any pharmacist who has successfully completed the National Enhanced Services Accreditation programme offered by HEIW would satisfy this definition and can provide the DMR service

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