All Wales Services Data

Published on: 1st February 2022 | Updated on: 9th May 2024

We have created a spreadsheet with information relating to service figures in Wales. The spreadsheet shows the total number of consultations per service performed in a particular month and an average figure across Wales. Pharmacies can use this to understand how their services figures compare to the rest of Wales. Data includes information on the Common Ailments Service, DMR’s, EMS, EHC and Smoking Cessation L3. Please be aware that we have more recent figures for some services than others and that the spreadsheet will be updated monthly.

If you have any questions regarding services please contact or  or or

Service Data up to April 24

Please be aware that some sections of the service data may be behind.

Further information at contractor, cluster, LHB and an All Wales level is available on the following link:  Pharmacy Extended Services Dashboard