Patient Sharps Service 2020

Published on: 1st February 2022 | Updated on: 6th April 2023

The Patient Sharps Service specification has been agreed at an All Wales level and replaces the previous services in BCUHB, HDUHB and PTHB from (approx) 1 April 2019 (exact date TBC by each Health Board). The service will be claimed through NECAF replacing the need for paper claims as in the previous services.

The other 4 Health Boards in Wales have been made aware of the service but as yet there are no plans for additional commissioning.

Service Specification

Issue Record Form

Sharps Enhanced service – FAO Contractors in BCUHB, HDUHB and PTHB

A new National enhanced service specification has been developed to support the sharps service which will replace the previous service specifications in use in PTHB, HDUHB and BCUHB. (Contractors will shortly receive the updated version from the relevant LHB with pharmacy listing form). The new service will now be claimed through NECAF instead of on paper and a user guide has been developed to support this change and can be accessed here