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CPW would like to announce that from Monday 16th April, all 708 Pharmacies across Wales will be participating in a two week campaign to give patients with long term conditions the confidence and skills to manage their health.
The Education Programme for Patients (EPP) consists of free courses run over six weeks, which are led by tutors who either live with a chronic health condition themselves or have experience of caring for someone with a chronic condition, and aims to give participants the confidence to take responsibility for their own care while encouraging them to work alongside those healthcare professionals available to help them.
 In Wales alone, almost one third of the population lives with at least one chronic condition, with cardiovascular disease, arthritis and rheumatism being the most common.
The programme is being managed by the National Leadership and Innovation Agency for Healthcare (NLIAH). Margaret Rennocks, Self Care Programme Manager for NLIAH said “Chronic conditions can have a dramatic effect on the life of the sufferer and even their family. This is especially true for levels of self-esteem and psychological well-being.
“These issues can in turn become obstacles to recovery and returning to work. That is why a programme such as this, which focuses on restoring confidence is so vital. These course provide an opportunity for people to learn new coping skills, which can help improve the quality of daily life”
With the support of Community Pharmacy Wales, Public Health Wales and The Royal Pharmaceutical Society, NLIAH has provided Education Programme for Patients campaign materials to every pharmacy across Wales.
Ian Cowan, Chair of Community Pharmacy Wales commented that “ this is a campaign well suited to community pharmacy network across Wales as we see many thousands of patients every week, many of whom would benefit from this information on the availability of courses to learn more about their chronic condition. This shows how community pharmacies as healthcare professionals in the high street are well placed as key components of public health campaigns”
More information on the Education Programme for Patients is available at or by phoning 01443 233514.
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