Launch of the Health Committee Report

Committee Report is important milestone in role of Community Pharmacies
Picture left to right: Dave Thomas - Chair Welsh Pharmaceutical Committee; Russell Goodway - CEO of Community Pharmacy Wales; Mark Drakeford AM; Anne Hinchliffe - Senior Consultant, Puplic Health Wales; Matthew Jones - CPW Committee Member

The long-awaited report of the National Assembly’s Health & Social Care Committee was published today at an event in Grangetown, Cardiff.
The report is very positive about the contribution that the pharmacy network can contribute to NHS services. It endorses the message that CPW has emphasised for some time that pharmacy is capable of penetrating those hard to reach communities which other services find difficult to reach and recognises this as a key strength of the network.
The Committee has recommended that the Welsh Government provides a clear national lead for the future development of community pharmacies.
It also suggested that simple steps, such as placement of a prominent notice identifying the range of services available in any given pharmacy, would do much to further the public’s understanding of the variety of services available.
The report also identified barriers within the profession between pharmacy and other professional groups within the health service and stated that these issues would need to be fully addressed in order to maximize the potential role which pharmacy could play in the health service.
Chair of the Assembly's Health & Social Committee, Mark Drakeford AM said “Our main conclusion is to endorse the potential benefits which community pharmacies could and should be bringing to health services in Wales. Although the Committee has raised concerns about the network’s present ability to provide a similar standard and range of services in all parts of the country, we believe that expanding the role played by pharmacy in primary care could improve patients’ access to health services in Wales”.
Ian Cowan, Chair of Community Pharmacy Wales believed that the report was “an important milestone for the growth of pharmacy health services in Wales” and welcomed the report as “the first strategic consideration of where pharmacy could and should fit in to the overall NHS framework”.

CPW Press Release - Committee Report is important milestone in role of community pharmacies in national health services in Wales

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