Revised Waste Management Guidance issued

Safe Management of Healthcare Waste
A document entitled Safe Management of Healthcare Waste has been launched by the Department of Health.  This UK-wide guidance provides a framework for best practice waste management in order to help healthcare organisations, and other healthcare waste producers, meet legislative requirements as well as identify opportunities to improve waste minimisation and reduce the associated environmental and carbon impacts of managing waste.
The section that lays out the requirements for community pharmacy starts at page 172.  The major changes, since the last issued guidance, are discontinuation of the need to register the exemption from the waste management licence (because the exemption now does not need to be registered), but there is a new requirement to register to denature controlled drugs (which every pharmacy will probably need to do).
There is now no prohibition on accepting unwanted medicines from nursing homes.  This is however not part of the NHS service and any pharmacy wishing to undertake this activity will need to act as a waste contractor (with many stringent legal obligations) and the LHB would not fund the removal of such waste.  Further guidance is available from the Environment Agency website.

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