CPW robust in its response to the Tobacco Control Strategy

Draft tobacco control action plan for Wales
Community pharmacy is the only part of NHS Wales that is able to ensure that the Welsh Government meets its ambitious targets for smoking cessation; says CPW.  To deliver its target   the NHS in Wales will need to provide support to over 1000 people each and every week.  With Stop Smoking Wales only delivering support to around 200 people each week the NHS will need to engage with other providers that can bring on board considerable additional capacity, are accessible to patients, and can deliver high quality services.  The introduction of a National Community Pharmacy Stop Smoking Service, providing patients with access to a full course of tailored one-to-one support from trained healthcare professionals, will achieve these aims at a stroke.  CPW argues that the current ‘one size fits all approach’ is denying patient choice and fails to understand the needs of the working population.

For a copy of the full response from CPW click here.
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