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Take the lead from NHS Choices urges AAH
Take the lead from NHS Choices urges AAH
Ajit Malhi, head of marketing services for AAH Pharmaceuticals, has called for pharmacists to engage with their communities and urge them to use the on-line resources available following a glowing report on NHS Choices by Imperial College London.
The College researches calculated that the website saved the NHS £44 Million a year after it found that a third of the 100 million people who logged on to the site did not then make an appointment with their GP.
Mr Malhi said: “This is conclusive evidence that pharmacists can help to further ease the burden upon GP surgeries by encouraging patients to set health goals and manage their own wellbeing with the help of approved interactive websites.
“There is however a knowledge gap with many patients to distinguish between what self diagnosis means and what impact it may have on their wellbeing. Many patients are now taking that information with them to a pharmacist and that pharmacist can then set a healthcare action plan or refer them elsewhere if needed.
“With the commissioning landscape shifting over the coming years, it’s vital that we do all we can to help our patients to help themselves, our All About Health programme has this at the very heart of its purpose.”

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