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Emergency Hormonal Contraception Service

New NHS All - Wales Community Pharmacy Service aims to reduce unwanted teenage pregnancies.

Contractors will be aware from the Chairman’s autumn and winter bulletins that a new Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) All-Wales National Enhanced Service is to be rolled out across Wales from today. You will no doubt have seen the media coverage the service has received this morning. A copy of the associated CPW Press Release is below for your information.
We have been assured by WAG officials that the service will be available through all pharmacies which wish to offer it.  We expect Health Boards to contact contractors shortly. Please let us know as soon as you have been contacted to help us monitor the roll out across Wales.

Today’s media coverage relating to the introduction of a National Enhanced EHC service which is to be rolled out from today is clearly causing contractors a number of headaches.
It is important to note that the Welsh Assembly Government through its Health Boards are not claiming that the service will be universally available across Wales today. The commitment is to roll out the service starting today.
The new service will be subject to a new SLA and Service Specification to be issued by Health Boards. We are assured that all contractors wishing to participate in the service will be allowed to do so. Until contractors have signed up to this service then the current arrangements apply and contractors will only be reimbursed for the delivery of the existing service within existing service constraints. In Cardiff and the Vale Health Board area, as far as we know, no contractor has been approached yet and therefore no free service is available at this time.
We anticipate that contractors will be contacted by their Health Board shortly. However, until you have been contacted and have specifically signed up to this new service, please continue to act as if nothing has changed.
Contractors may wish to contact their Health Board to ask when they are likely to be contacted.
For information regarding the National Electronic Claim and Audit form for this service click here.
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