AM and MP Visits

Mick Antoniw AM visited the Co-op pharmacy in Beddau to lend his support to the National Diabetes Public Health Campaign, which was run through the Community Pharmacy Network between the 13-25 June 2011. 
Mr Antoniw met with both Co-op Regional Managers and Pharmacists who explained to him the importance of being able to identify the condition early and how easily it can be managed once identified. Mr Antoniw was taken through the test procedure and took the tests himself in order to find out just what was involved.
He also also discussed a number of other issues particularly prevalent to Community Pharmacy in the current climate
Mr Antoniw also expressed a particular interest in the recent supply issues that have been experienced by contractors across the Community Pharmacy network. He was keen to find out more about the causes of these problems asked how he could help alleviate what is a frustrating and growing problem for community pharmacies across Wales.


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