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The campaign brings together the 7 Health Boards, Public Health Wales, Community Pharmacy Wales and Stroke Association Cymru. Speaking at the launch, the Minister said   " I am really pleased to be with you today to launch this first national community pharmacy public health campaign of 2013. I think this is the ideal arrangement for a public health campaign. 

When we bring together the 3 key groups of the NHS, through Public Health Wales; community pharmacies, and we know there are over 700 community pharmacies in high streets across Wales; and the third group is the NGOs. I am particularly pleased that the Stroke Association in Wales is with us this afternoon and also members of the local Carmarthen group, some of whom I know are recovering from strokes themselves. It is when we bring these 3 groups together that we begin to have a chance of making a real difference. And stroke is a very important subject for us to try and make a difference to.

We know that stroke is around the 3rd or 4th worst killer in Wales, and we know that about 40% of these strokes are avoidable. This campaign is about helping to avoid some of these strokes by having help and support from your pharmacy. Communities pharmacies are the ideal place to be getting some of these messages over. We know that around 50,000 people every day visit a community pharmacy and we know that while people go to a GP or a hospital when they are ill, the people who visit community pharmacies every day are either well and want to stay well, or at least are able to get around because they are managing their condition or recovering from something like a stroke. So the pharmacy can help us understand what our medicines are meant to do and how they are meant to work and so how we are meant to take them, and also to help people recover from a stroke if they do have one."         
The launch was hosted by Chris James, Chair of Community Pharmacy Wales and proprietor of Walter Lloyd pharmacy.


Main photo : Minister Mark Drakeford and CPW Chair, Chris James with members of Stroke Association Cymru

1st photo: Minister speaks at Campaign Launch

2nd photo: CPW Chair Chris james meets the Minister outside his High Street Pharmacy

3rd photo: Minister speaks at Campaign Launch

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