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Cardiff Central AM shows commitment to Community Pharmacy

On October 31st Jenny Rathbone AM met with Hayley Jones of the Cyncoed Pharmacy, and Russell Goodway, Chief Executive of Community Pharmacy Wales.

The visit comes as the Conservative UK Government announced proposals to cut the funding available to community pharmacies in England. There is a planned 4% reduction in 2016-17, and over 7% in 2017-18. In contrast, the Welsh Government has re-stated its commitment to the community pharmacy sector, with £20million investment to support and enhance pharmacy services in Wales. The details of the funding announcement are currently being negotiated between the Welsh Government and Community Pharmacy Wales, but they will entail significant expansion of the number of services you can obtain in a local pharmacy.

Jenny Rathbone said: 
“I’ve long been a proponent of making better use of our community pharmacists. They are the experts in medicines management. We need pharmacists to be able to see a patient’s medical records so they can make sure the medicine  they have been prescribed is the correct dose.”
“Too often patients are delayed from leaving hospital whilst they wait for a prescription to be dispensed. Instead they could be picking it up from their local pharmacy and liberating their hospital bed for someone else.”
“I was shocked to learn that one third of re-admissions to hospital are due to medicine errors.
Pharmacists are best placed to spot these mistakes and I hope to see a rapid roll-out of the information that hospitals and GPs need to share with pharmacists to keep patients safe.”

Commenting on the visit, Russell Goodway said: "It was a pleasure to welcome Jenny Rathbone for a constructive and positive discussion on how health on the high street can be made as accessible and broad as possible. This is a critical time for community pharmacy and we are grateful for her continued support in ensuring that the next five years see a gear change in the number of services on offer, taking the pressure off GPs and hospitals.”

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Left to Right:
Jenny Rathbone AM, Hayley Jones Cyncoed Pharmacy


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