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Shadow Health Minister impressed with modern face of pharmacy

Following her visit to Evans Pharmacy in Llanelli, where she experienced first hand a robot dispenser, Shadow Health Minister Angela Burns was impressed at the way Evans Pharmacy, which has a major foot print in Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire, is embracing new technology:

Commenting after the visit she said: “In the nine years since I entered the National Assembly, the face of community pharmacy has changed so much. Seeing a robot selecting and dispensing medicines is the most futuristic example, but all the time more services are now being offered by pharmacies which they never used to do. I was pleased to see community pharmacists giving flu jabs at an event I sponsored in the Assembly recently, and this service is available in pharmacies right across Wales.

“I am determined to work constructively to make sure that an ever wider range of health services can be obtained closer to home for people in west Wales and, on the back of this visit, I will be making the case for blood samples for cancer patients to be collected locally rather than making people trek to Cardiff to get their screening done. It’s time for a real step change for the way in which people can access health care as close to home and as conveniently as possible.”

Mo Nazemi from Evans Pharmacy said: “Installing the dispensing robot was a major first for Carmarthenshire and we share Angela’s enthusiasm for making community pharmacy services as modern, wide ranging and accessible as possible.”

Russell Goodway, Chief Executive of Community Pharmacy Wales, added: “Angela’s commitment to community pharmacy is deep and constant. We will continue to work with her to realise the ambition of a modern health service as close to people as possible, in which the over 700 community pharmacies in Wales play a full and expanding role in delivering health care.”


Photo: Mo Nazemi from Evans Pharmacy, and Angela Burns AM

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