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Neil McEvoy sees the value of community pharmacy but calls for fair access to services across Cardiff


Neil McEvoy AM visited Lloyds Pharmacy in Fairwater, Cardiff on 13th February to discuss the importance of using your local pharmacist and to see for himself the increasing range of services being offered. He also saw how the range of local services has been expanded in recent years to include stopping smoking, blood pressure checks, and medicines advice.


Commenting on the visit Neil McEvoy said: “Pharmacies can do a lot more and can take pressure off GPs and other parts of the health service. Given the choice, most people would much rather go to their local pharmacy than a hospital. That’s why I hope community pharmacies like Lloyds can help improve our health care system.


“Although I was impressed at the range of services available in Fairwater, I was disappointed to hear that services to help people who want to stop smoking are only available in some council wards in the city. For some reason, if you live in other health board areas you get a more consistent level of service than in our capital city. I will be raising this unfairness with the local health board but will also be putting pressure on the Welsh Government. We need to make sure that basic health services that are available in other parts of Wales are also available to everyone in Cardiff.


“It’s clear that pharmacies are important for our health but they’re also good for our local high street. They bring people in and so other shops benefit. Having local pharmacies means people and services are closer together, which is why we need to make sure they don’t disappear from our communities.”



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