Essential Services



Clinical Governance

►  Practice Leaflet Requirements

►  Practice Leaflet Reminder

►  Practice Leaflet Template

►  Handling NHS Complaints in Community Pharmacy

►  Changes to Clinical Governance Requirements

►  January 2013 Clinical Governance Toolkit and guidance cover Letter

►  Clinical Governance requirements for Community Pharmacy

►  Publication of CPPQ feedback

►  NHS Wales Brand Guidelines Updated 2015

Community Pharmacy IM & T

►   Payment for Essential Services (ETP1)

►   Change of Systems (ETP2)

►   System supplier update (ETP)

Repeat Dispensing

Repeat Dispensing Information

Patient Consent

Reminder Letter from Welsh Government


Waste Management



►    Shared Services Guidance documentation (Wales): 
         Pharmacy Waste FAQ

Revised arrangements for Specials 2011


►  Welsh Government Letter to Contractors

New arrangements for reimbursing Specials

Proposed Specials Tariff November 2011

►  Drug Tariff Changes 2011

►  Revised Arrangements for the supply of Lymphoedema Garments

► Prescription Pricing Accuracy Data

 ONPOS - Information for Contractors

Shared Services Newsletters


Opening Hours

►  Pharmacy Contractor Opening Hours Notification Form (HN1W)

►   Bank Holiday Notifications

►   Bank Holiday Opening Hours 2011

Patient Survey (CPPQ)

►   Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire (CPPQ)

►  Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire (CPPQ) in welsh


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