National Target Groups for MURs

MUR Target Groups
Since 2011 pharmacies providing MURs have been required to ensure that at least 50% of the MURs they conduct are with patients in nationally agreed target groups. The current target groups are listed below:
·         Patients taking antihypertensive medication;
·         Patients taking medicines for respiratory disease;
·         Patients taking high risk medicines; and
·         Patients prescribed a medicine no longer required.
From April 1, 2015 the proportion of MURs which pharmacies are required to complete with patients in nationally agreed target groups is increased from its current level to 70%. There is an agreement to review the effect of this change towards the end of 2015/16 with a view to increasing this proportion further in future years.
A new national target MUR group is introduced comprising people aged 85 or over who take six or more medicines. This group is also a priority group within General Medical Services (GMS) arrangements and pharmacists are encouraged to liaise with their primary care cluster to identify how the MUR service can be utilised to support wider work with this patient group.

Further details on the changes can be found on the CPW Contractor Communication here.

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